The 1918 Club

The 1918 club was established in Liverpool in June 1918  - shortly after women obtained the vote. The club has had a continuous existence ever since.

Spring 2018

Meetings are held at the                   

Britannia Adelphi Hotel,

Ranelagh Place,

Liverpool L3 5UL

Lunch is served at 1p.m., and members must notify the Lunch Secretary by 10.00 am two working days before the meeting in question, otherwise, the member will be liable for the lunch costs.




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Tuesday 23rd January

Wednesday 7th February

Friday  23rd February

Monday 12th March

Thursday 5th April

Monday 23rd April

Wednesday 9th May

Thursday 28th June

Special Lunch

Wednesday 4th July

Dr. Janet Hollinshead

The Foundation and Early Years of The 1918 Club

Brenda Riley

Fashion of the 20s and 30s

Louise Ellman MP

Representation of The People Act and its later impact

Dr. Pat Starkey

Elizabeth Macadam

Marie Passey

A short walk through the University of Liverpool campus reflecting on the Rathbone legacy, followed by Afternoon Tea at the Victoria Gallery

Dame Lorna Muirhead

Reflecting on her experiences of Women in Society

Mrs.(Lady) Jan Murphy

Women in Academia

Professor Susan Pedersen

Professor of History at Columbia University, New York

Eleanor Rathbone’s role in the later stages of the Suffrage Movement.

Lord Storey

Reception at the House of Lords