The 1918 Club

The 1918 club was established in Liverpool in June 1918  - shortly after women obtained the vote. The club has had a continuous existence ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q1 Can anybody join the club?

A1 Anyone wanting to join is normally brought as a guest by an existing member. Otherwise,

      please use the contact option above to arrange to attend a particular meeting.


Q2 How often does the club meet and at what time?

A2 Please see the programme of events for the dates of meetings. Lunch is served at

      1.00pm, so members are encouraged to arrive between 12.30 and 12.45pm in order to

       pay and be seated before lunch starts.


Q3 How much does it cost to join, and do I have to pay every time I attend a meeting?

A3 Membership for the year (or remaining part of the year) is only £15. Members pay for

      each lunch meeting they attend, and this is currently £14.

Q4 Where are the meetings  held?

A4 At present the club meets at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Place, Liverpool L3


Q5 Can I bring a friend when I become a member?

A5 Members may brings friends - usually to no more than 3 meetings before they join.

Q6 How do I join the club

A6 Anyone wishing to join can do so at the first meeting they attend.

Q7 What happens when I want  to leave the club

A7 Members should notify the Membership Secretary when they wish to discontinue their       membership.

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