The 1918 Club

The 1918 club was established in Liverpool in June 1918  - shortly after women obtained the vote. The club has had a continuous existence ever since.

Rules and arrangements


1. The Club shall be composed of women who are interested in matters of social, philanthropic, cultural and public issue.

2. New members may be proposed by any member in writing and must be personally known to that person. Names of new members will be announced at ordinary meetings.

3. Subscription levels shall be reviewed annually, proposed by the Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions fall due at the first meeting of the new session or whenever a member joins the Club.

4. Members who have not paid their subscription for two years shall automatically cease to be members

5. Members of the Club may not use the Club meetings for distribution of propaganda materials.


6. The Club shall have a Committee consisting of a President, a Vice-President and up to 10 other members, including the other Officers of the Club.

7. Officers of the Club shall comprise a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Programme Secretary.

8. Nominations for Vice President (who shall be President elect until taking up the Presidency) and for ordinary Committee members shall be received by the President from the proposer (in writing) at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

9. These nominations shall be brought to the Annual General Meeting and, if necessary, votes will be taken.

10. The Treasurer, Secretary and Programme Secretary shall be appointed by the Committee, usually from the ordinary elected members of the Committee.

11. The President shall retire after two years' service.

12. Appointment of ordinary members shall be for three years. Members may be elected for a second term of three years and then shall not be eligible for re-election until one year has elapsed. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill vacancies during the year.

13. The Committee shall meet at least once every two months while the Club is in session.

14. In the event of any dispute in the interpretation of the rules the decision of the majority of the members of the Committee shall be final.


15. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club in September every year.

16. The incoming President will take office at the beginning of the Annual General Meeting.

17. Agenda items for the Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the President two weeks before the meeting.


18. Meetings of the Club shall be held usually every two or three weeks commencing at 1.00 pm, the day of the week being varied from meeting to meeting.

19. Speakers are to be invited to give a short address. Such speakers may be either members of the Club or guests (men or women).

20. Notice will be given of forthcoming speakers by means of a programme card for each of the two sessions in the year. The committee is at liberty to make such changes to the programme as may be necessary.

21. The President will usually chair Club meetings. In her absence the Vice-President or a Past-President may take her place.

22. Members must notify a nominated person if they cannot attend meetings. Such notification must be received by 10.00 a.m. the day before the meeting, otherwise the member in question will be liable for the lunch costs. Payment should be sent to the Treasurer.

23. Guests may be brought to any meeting with notification to the Treasurer by 10.00 a.m. the day before the meeting. Usually potential members will be invited as guests before being nominated as members. Usually any guest may attend on only three occasions.

24. Members must notify a nominated person if a choice of fish or vegetarian main course, and of a fruit dessert is to be made.

25. Members of the Club may not use mobile telephones or other electronic devices during luncheon and Club meetings.


26. The provisions of these Rules and Arrangements may be amended by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a Club meeting, provided no amendment shall be made to clause 1.

27. If the members resolve, at a Club meeting, to dissolve the Club, the Committee will remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Club in accordance with this clause:

a)The Committee must collect the assets of the Club and must pay or make provision for all liabilities of the Club;

b)The Committee must apply any remaining assets by transfer to any other club or registered charity with similar purposes. The Club may pass a resolution specifying the manner of this distribution. In no circumstances shall the net assets of the Club be paid or distributed among the members.

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